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Calico Cat Prompt:


Explain what could have happened when the calico cat dipped her paw into the goldfish bowl on the end table.



  • Prewrite: WEB , LIST , TREE, (no free writing) Note: Links connect to sample prewriting.
  • Draft: double-space; write in paragraphs with
      • --Topic Sentence
      • --Six support sentences
      • --Concluding Sentence
  • Revise:
    • Keep it clear—check your order—is it organized?
    • Add details.
      • vivid verbs: sprint instead of run
      • nifty nouns: pinto instead of horse
      • prepositional phrases: The poodle pranced across the porch in the morning before breakfast.


    • Extra credit for each: use a compound sentence; use a complex sentence
    • Extra credit for each: six strong verbs; 6 precise nouns; alliteration; simile
      • Alliteration: The poodle pranced across the porch.
      • Simile: The poodle pranced across the porch like a princess.



Examples of revised paragraphs:


  • Example 1:



The calico cat leaped up onto the round table. The cat stared into the bowl. The goldfish swam calmly, thinking, “I don’t care! Try to eat me!”


Furiously, the cat jumped on the bowl and dipped his paw into the water. And the chase in on!


The sharp claws, like a razor, claw deeply into the flesh of the fish. The fish flops out of the bowl.

“Hiss!” the cat fussed as he jumped on the floor, gently tapping the fish and crying, “Meow.” The cat pounced on the goldfish and chomped it down.



  • Example 2:


As Cally stuck her paw in the bowl. Fips and Cally would have fallen down on the nice, clean, tiled floor, and the bowl would’ve been shattered.


Or, in the following options, Fips would’ve been A. Dead, B. Eaten, C. The fish’s bowl scoots to the very end of the table instead of knocking dead on the ground to become a sticky, stinky fish.


Cally would’ve been placed in “time out” without a can of tuna for a whole week.


But Fips would’ve been killed from a lack of oxygen; Cally would be very, very mad about the punishment.


Poor Fips; if he had had an underwater castle, he would’ve been protected.




  • Example 3:


If a calico cat decided to dip her paws into a goldfish bowl, there are a number of things that could happen. The cat could catch the unlucky goldfish. The cat could knock the goldfish bowl over. Also, the cat could try to catch the fish just as the owner would walk in.



One of the things that could happen is the cat could catch and eat the fish. The cat could begin to chase the fish around and around for a while. The cat’s paw starts to soak up a little bit of water. The cat slams the fish into the side of the bowl and slowly, carefully pulled the goldfish out of the bowl. The goldfish plopped on the ground, and the cat quickly followed. The cat gobbled up the little goldfish, which could not stop squirming.


Another thing that could happen to the goldfish is the cat could knock the fish bowl over. The cat could dip her paw into the fish bowl and start tapping the side, trying to catch the swift goldfish. The cat would slowly start nudging the bowl off the table. The bowl falls, but the cat jumps to the ground. Splash! All the water fell onto the cat and stained the carpet. Next, the goldfish fell along with the bowl. Bash!! The goldfish bowl broke, and the soaked cat wanted revenge. It ate the helpless goldfish.


The last thing that could happen is the cat’s owner could walk in. The cat’s owner had been out to lunch and due back any second. The cat had not enjoyed her breakfast of “Special Kitty,” the disgusting Wal-Mart brand; it gave her the shivers. The cat approached the fishbowl, swooshing her paw left to right and up and down. It became very dizzy. The cat had the slippery goldfish when, “click,” the owner opened the door. “Oh no,” thought the cat. The owner saw the cat and fish, scolding, “Oh no! Garfield, you ate the fish. You are sleeping outside tonight, no matter how much rain there is.” The cat’s eyes grew big, and the owner let her in that same night.


These are just a few things that could happen with a cat and a goldfish. The cat could win or lose; it is up to where you want to keep your goldfish. I suggest you place the bowl away form the cat. Will you trust your cat?

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