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Free Write Ideas

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Free Write Ideas


What can I write from my Free Writes?


Free writing topics:

Friends, family, weekend, basketball, sports, favorite teams, bubble-gum, relationships, What if, eagles, etc.



Review your free-writing work.  Which one do you find the most interesting?  Use the following guides to revise your free-writing into a form to publish for others.  Change the names to preserve anonymity. Add details and specifics to clarify your ideas.  Organize the ideas logically in one of the formats suggested (letter, poem, pamphlet, magazine articles, news articles, science articles).




Which sport?

What do you like about the sport?

Of what you like, what is most important?

What is the most important skill needed to be successful?

  • Explain this skill to a younger student as a “How-To” pamphlet.


Favorite teams:

Which team in which sport?

What is it that makes the team your favorite?

Which player is the best, and why do you think so?

  • Write a sports article supporting and explaining an award (you name it) your team should win.




What event was most interesting to you?

What made it interesting?

Choose one of the following:

  • Describe that event as if you are a movie star.  Explain in detail for a feature magazine article (Like People or Us).
  • Write a dialogue for a short story between the characters in your event, as if they were presently in the event.
  • Write a poem in two voices about the event.



Things (like bubble-gum):

What is the most interesting, funny, serious, clever, etc.?

Is it scientific? Curiosity? Factual? Silly?

Choose one of the following:

  • Write a scientific article to explain the topic.
  • Write a poem that expresses its uniqueness.
  • Write a How-to article.
  • Write a description of it for a science news feature, as if it were a new discovery.



Family and Friends:

Who is most important in this writing?

What makes them important?

Choose one of the following:

  • Write a poem expressing how the person is important
  • Write a character sketch of the person
  • Write a letter explaining your nomination of the person for an award (you name it).


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