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Essay Prompt: How will Leadership Camp help you?







Set the stage: Poem about LC





Introduction: Explain what LC is

Thesis: Leadership camp will help me (your goal—how you will use it)




  • 1st paragraph: Explain your goal and what you hope to achieve from what you learned at LC. Be specific—give an example of what actions you will take to achieve your goal.


  • Next paragraphs: Explain the events/activities (include anecdotal descriptions) that most affected you, helping you to set your goal. Include names of presenters with an appreciation (I appreciate the way _____ explained/presented/ encouraged, etc.). Include your slogans as an emphasis on what you learned.


    • At least two paragraphs, better with three, each explaining one event/activity that changed how you think; which helped you set your goal for the future (this year, next, and on).


    • What was the activity/event—explain—describe with a short story/description (senses) and how it affected you and your goal.


Conclusion: Write an appreciation for LC, summarizing again what your goal is and how LC helped you choose your goal. End with a thank you, and a slogan for yourself.



Note: If you did not attend LC, choose a goal based on what you learned about LC from your classmates, or choose a person/event that has influenced your life follow the above outline to explain how the person or event helped you choose a new goal for yourself.

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