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Leadership Camp Outline


Information and Example

Follow this outline to write your LC essay. Start with the three body paragraphs. Then you can write your introduction, conclusion, and poem. Include specific details, just as we practiced in class and learned from the model essay.


  • Rule of Three : For every idea you write, think of three supporting details with three elaborated details for each of those details.
    • Example : A speaker explained how important it is to think about and plan for the futre. She provided steps and ideas to do this. So I plan to set a goal for myself :
      • The presenter spoke about setting goals to plan for the future. She suggested considering dreams, skills, and passions. (main idea)
        • Think of your dreams. (support)
        • Think of your skills. (support)
        • Think of your passions. (support)
      • But don't stop prewriting with only three ideas: Add three elaborations for each supporting detail. Your prewriting might look like this :


      • Because the presenter spoke about setting goals to plan for the future, I decided to take action on my dreams. (main idea)
          • First, I have always dreamed of becoming a ______________. (support)
            • Since I was small, I have dreamed of _____________. (elaboration)
            • Even in school, I have considered _____________________. (elaboration)
            • Now I continue to ___________________ to make my dream come true. (elaboration)
          • Second, I already have many skills for this goal. (support)
            • People have always noticed that I am good at _____________. (elaboration)
            • Every day I practice at ______________ to become even better. (elaboration)
            • In addition, I can ___________________, so that adds to my talent. (elaboration)
          • Third, my passions enhance my dreams. (support)
            • I love to _______________ and think I can improve. (elaboration)
            • I also enjoy ____________ which adds to my ability to ________. (elaboration)
            • Have you noticed any one __________________? That's my passion too. (elaboration)

LC Prewriting Outline:


Poem Ideas:





Introduction Ideas:

  • Background Info/Explain LC:





  • Thesis Statement (3 point topic sentence—one ideas for each paragraph)




Body Ideas:

  • 1- Ideas for goal (what you hope to achieve) and action steps to meet goal:






  • 2—event/activity/person that helped you choose your goal— imagery/ slogan/ explanation







  • 3--event/activity/person that helped you choose your goal— imagery/ slogan/ explanation





Conclusion ideas:

  • Appreciation for LC and presenter that influenced you:



  • Goal and how LC helped you choose goal:



  • Thank you and slogan for yourself:




  • Wrap up: Tie to poem and introduction:

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